Valuer’s Dozen, The Skapinetz

I am starting a new series for Valuation Nation, called The Valuer’s Dozen.  It is a spotlight piece on individual appraisers that are of note to the profession. I am excited that our very first spotlight will be an appraiser out the Atlanta, Georgia MSA.  Mark Skapinetz.  Mark has become quite the celebrity within the residential space over the last couple of years.  He started and administrates a very popular Facebook page, called 100% Real Estate Appraisers.  This is a well run private group that allows appraisers to share information.  Recently, Mark has also helped found Appraiser Fest, which is a new conference that is happening this November in San Antonio.  Welcome, Mark!!


Courtesy of Mark Skapinetz

VN:  How long have you been in the profession?

MS: I have been in the profession for 16-years.  I Started in New Jersey and I now practice in Georgia.


VN: What is your favorite thing about the profession?

MS: I like the ability to see how others live, see homes I could only dream of living in.  I like the flexibility I have and being able to work when I want and how hard I want to work.


VN: Who are your mentors and idols within the profession?

MS: I started in the business with George Stiuso in New Jersey as well as Jeffrey Michaels in New Jersey.  They both taught me a lot to get started with.  As far as idols I don’t have any, but I really look up to Jonathan Miller, Lori Noble, Ryan Lundquist, Phil Crawford, (You too, Woody) and Greg Wilkenson. All of them have contributed to where I am today, and all have different skill sets.  Its taking a little of everyone that has made me a better appraiser and a better person.


VN: What are some of your passions inside the profession?

MS: I love meeting new people and talking to them.  I’m very much a people person.  I like driving and exploring new areas and trying new places to eat and or trying new fun things in these areas.


VN: What are some passions of yours outside of the profession?

MS: Playing Softball, taking my dog Destiny to Dock Diving Competitions, traveling with the wife, and watching all sports.  I’ve recently gotten into Blogging and I am starting a new podcast.


VN: Where do you see the profession in 3 years?  5 years?  10 years?

MS: Honestly, I see turmoil if things don’t change.  So many are pushing for these new hybrid appraisals and desktops.  I think there is a divide now between those that support AMCs and alternative appraisals and those who support the appraiser and what they do.  There is no way to predict what the profession will be in 3 years or 5 or 10.  The whole damn thing can blow up again and then more changes will be made.  I think appraisers will always be needed as I think many people trust dealing with someone directly they can talk to other than a computer, but I do think appraisers will need to expand their businesses to doing other work than lender work if they will want to survive down the road.


VN: What is one thing about your personal business that you are most proud?

MS: That I have created a reputable company that people seek out.  I started at the bottom here in Atlanta and now have become a very successful company.


VN: If you could change one thing about your business model what would it be?

MS: I would take the time to expand it more, bring on some new people and grow it.


VN:  What are some present goals for you and what you do are doing in the valuation space?

MS: Well first I want to continue to grow and become a better appraiser.  Secondly, as you know I run the 100% Real Estate Appraiser Group on Facebook and I am looking to expand that possibly into another forum site, as well as starting the 100% Real Estate Appraiser Podcast.   Third, APPRAISERFEST. As one of the co-founders of the event I really want to make this first event in November a huge success.  If we can accomplish that we will continue to take the Fest to new levels each year as well as possibly run some smaller events.  Fourth, I want to continue to be a voice in the profession and use the group as well as my Blog, “The Peoples Appraisal Blog”  to continue to put out information on issues and help not only appraisers but consumers understand the things we face.


VN:   If you could change one thing in valuation, what would it be?

MS: USPAP being as big as the yellow pages.  It should be more simplified.  You said 1 but I have many other things as well.  Lol


VN:  What advice would you give someone just getting in the profession?

MS: Do your homework and research.  I would shadow someone for a couple days to make sure you really want to be in it.  The appraisal industry is changing and getting started today is a little more challenging.


VN: This last one is for you to discuss or talk about whatever you would like.

MS: EVERYONE REGISTER AT WWW.NOV123.COM FOR APPRAISESERFEST.  Also check out my Blog page and my website for my business


Well, there you have it folks.  Now we know a little bit more about one of our fellow valuers.  If you would like to be featured or want to suggest someone that should be, please send me an email.


Published by Woody Fincham, SRA, AI-RRS, ASA, RAA

Residential appraiser in the Charlottesville and Shenandoah Valley specializing in high-value homes and properties that include equestrian use, hobby farms, High-performance homes (HERS, LEED, Pearl, Earthcraft), large acreage and any residential style property.

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